Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Your wisdom teeth usually erupt during the ages of 17-25. The last four molars in your upper and lower jaw are known as your wisdom teeth. When they start to erupt, sometimes they can become impacted or stuck between the jawbones and the gums or only parts of them erupt out of the gums. When this happens, it can cause pain and possible infections and might cause the nearby teeth to start shifting as the wisdom teeth start pushing them out. When this occurs, the wisdom teeth that have impacted or are pushing other teeth during the eruption, need to be extracted.

Extraction Procedure:

  1. Dr. Levitt will first order dental X-rays for a thorough examination of your teeth and how your wisdom teeth are positioned
  2. Dr. Levitt will then determine which wisdom teeth need extraction and the best way to do it
  3. Topical anesthetic gel will then be applied to the gums of the wisdom teeth that will be extracted, and an anesthetic will also be injected to block any pain
  4. Special pliers are used for the extraction of your wisdom teeth, by rocking the molars out of their sockets
  5. Gauze will then be applied to stop the bleeding and let the gums heal
  6. If the wisdom teeth have impacted or have not completely erupted, the molars will need to be broken into pieces before they can be extracted
  7. Sutures will then be needed to close the gaps and stop the bleeding for the gums to heal

Once the extraction procedure is completed, and the anesthesia wears off, you might experience a bit of swelling and pain for a few hours up to a few days. Your doctor will prescribe you pain medication, and you can use ice packs to control and ease the swelling. It is very important that you practice good oral hygiene to avoid any infections while your mouth is healing. Avoid solid food for the first few days until your mouth has healed and the pain has subsided. If the discomfort and swelling are too much, stick with a liquid diet until the sutures are out, and the wounds have healed.

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