Teeth Whitening

Here at Old Town Orange Dental Group we believe in always helping our patients achieve the most beautiful white smiles we can. One of the most common cosmetic procedures we perform at our practice is teeth whitening.

What teeth whitening does, is remove any stains and discoloration that are present on your teeth that might dull your smile. This procedure can improve how your teeth look and can make a difference. To maintain the brightness, you will have to perform this procedure repeatedly.

The outer layer of the tooth and the color of the dentin underneath is what gives your tooth their natural color. However, teeth enamel is not always smooth – it can be rough and porous which could pick up stain that could affect the color of your teeth.

There are other reasons why teeth would get stained or in most cases get that yellowish color. The main culprits are tea and coffee and also using tobacco. Dark colored liquids can also stain your teeth such as cola and red wine. That is why it is very important to brush your teeth after drinking such liquids to avoid staining.

There are various methods to whiten your teeth, here at the office we will take a few pictures to see the progression of the treatment. We will clean your teeth and remove any film of bacteria and food residues to begin the procedure. If it is done at the practice, we use gel-like substances that when exposed to special laser lights can activate the bleaching agents that will have a greater result.

We can also create custom trays designed to fit your mouth to be used daily for three weeks; gel will be applied directly to teeth or tray for the bleaching agent to react. Over the counter bleaching trays, toothpaste and other products are also available at many stores, but we suggest consulting with our dentist here at Old Town Orange Dental so they can advise you on which products are suitable for your needs.

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