Porcelain and Composite Veneers

Made out of translucent porcelain or composite resin, veneers are thin shells of tooth-colored material that are placed over your teeth to improve the appearance, shape or color of your smile.

They are mostly used to fill out gaps between teeth, reshape, repair and correct externally stained teeth. Although they can improve the appearance of your teeth, they cannot correct overbites, or realign the jaw.

Although this procedure is quite fast and easier than most, when correcting the appearance of your teeth, it might not be for everyone. Having veneers on your teeth cannot be reversed as the layer of enamel are removed from the face of your tooth to apply the veneer. That is why to prepare for them the dentist has to make sure that there is no damage to your teeth, no decay, or gum disease present before bonding dental veneers. If your teeth are weak that also won't qualify you for this procedure.

The procedure usually requires two visits, during the visits:

  • The dentist will examine your teeth, and select the exact color to match the material and discuss with you the shape and size of the veneers.
  • To prepare the tooth for the veneer, your tooth's enamel will be trimmed down at the front, so it doesn't create a bulky, uncomfortable bite, and your bite is not affected.
  • The dentist then will proceed to create an impression of your teeth so your veneers can be designed and custom made.
  • Depending on how much enamel is removed, you might be placed with temporary veneer to allow your teeth to function properly.

After the prepping process, the bonding process starts. This second procedure can take up to two hours, and it is the final part of the treatment.

  • If there were temporary veneers placed, they would be removed.
  • Any changes can be made to the molds of the veneers in color, shape, and size before they are bonded.
  • After all, have been approved, each veneer will be cleaned and polished with a special solution and a tooth-colored adhesive will be applied to the teeth and veneer before being dried and bonded to your teeth with a special curing light.
  • Once in place, the dentist will check for comfort and polish and remove any excess to better fit your bite.

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