Are you missing some or all of your teeth? Then dentures might be the solution to your problems! Dentures are used in restorative dental treatments to give you back functionality and also improve the look of your smile. When you lose some or all of your teeth, your ability to speak and eat are greatly impaired as well as how your face and smile looks. Dentures are prosthetic devices that replace your missing teeth once your natural teeth have been lost or can no longer be repaired, giving you the ability to eat and speak again as well as hold retain your facial structure and a great smile.

After an examination, Dr. Levitt will recommend you get a partial or full denture. A partial denture works for patients that still have some natural teeth. Full dentures are recommended for patients who have no natural teeth remaining. Once the doctor has determined which denture is better for you, a mold of your gums or your teeth is taken so a lab can create custom-made dentures for you. The dentures can be for your lower or upper teeth or both depending on your situation. Once the dentures are ready, you will need to come by the office to try them out and adjust them for a better fit.

Here at Old Town Orange Dental Group we offer denture stabilization services or fixed dentures for a more comfortable experience. Unlike normal dentures that need suction or glue to stay in place, fixed dentures are secured into place by a number of implants screwed to your jawbone. The use of implants allows the denture better stabilization and allows you to speak and eat without fearing that the denture might slip out.

It takes time to get used to eating or speaking with dentures, as well as it will take time for your gums and mouth to adjust to these devices. Good oral hygiene for your gums and dentures is strongly recommended to keep your mouth healthy and your dentures in good shape.

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